Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not Bad, Could Get Better

I can't say the slump is over, I don't know. But I do know that I did have 2 pretty good runs the last 2 days.

Tuesday, Mike and I ran 2 miles out and then Tempo ran the 2 miles back. First mile was 7:50 and the last mile was 6:59.9. Yes, my watch said 6;59.9 so I can say I broke 7. It was a bit tougher than I wanted it or thought it would be for that pace but it still went well.

Today I wanted to run very easy so I did a naked run (no watch). I really don't know how fast it was, most likely pretty slow as the humidity was back up. I really enjoyed it today, I needed it.

Saturday is the Full Moon Half Marathon and with the weather as it is suppose to be and the way I am feeling, I am going with a goal of breaking 1:45. I don't think 1:40 is in the cards this soon.

I am really glad I am a runner. Life has been extremely difficult recently and I need the relief that running provides me. Running programs I am involved in (WELS Kids Marathon) have also helped me divert my thoughts away from things I really don't want to think about right now. I did a lot of praying today, I think it helped, at least I hope it did.

Speaking of the WELS Kids Marathon, the final mile is only 1 1/2 weeks away. We pick up the shirts tomorrow and the packet stuffing party is this weekend. I will try to post about all the details soon.

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misszippy said...

good luck this weekend--hope it helps you break out of the slump and get your mojo back!