Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Slump

I have been in a summer slump the past 2 weeks. I has just finished the month of July with more miles that I have ever recorded in a month and then i just felt like I had enough. I planned the first week of August to be a rest week and only ran once but the second week was suppose to be back to the grindstone. It started out that way with a good run on Monday and a hard workout on Tuesday, but then it all sort of stopped. I didn't feel like running. It was hot and humid and my legs were tired and I let myself give in to the little voice saying "you don't need to run, take a break, you deserve it". I had planned a 10 miler over the weekend and even woke up early on Sunday, but the bed was calling me back for more sleep even though I had enough. I gave in. I need to stop this.

Today was a good start. I did my usual run after volleyball and ran the same distance as last week over the same course (in reverse). The humidity was way down and the temps were down as well. I ran the just over 8 miles 3 1/2 minutes faster today and it felt 20 times easier. Today my pace was 8:30 and I felt I wasn't pushing it at all. A good sign, yes. Now I need to keep it up though this weekend's half marathon and then back to hard training for the fall races.

I did want to share 2 pictures of my 6 year old Megan. She tried out for a local theater part in their production of The Frog Prince. Tryouts were last Monday and the 2 shows were on Saturday. She played the part of a Venus Fly Trap and had a good time.
Megan is in the middle with her head to the side.


Melanie said...

Your weekend sounds like mine... I tried both mornings to go do a long run, but I couldn't get out of bed. I told myself the rest was needed. Really I should've sucked it up and run. Here's to new weeks to try again!

Mark said...

Congrats to your daughter! Hang in there!!!