Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back On Track

Should one change their interval workout right in the middle of the very first interval? That is exactly what I did today . . . sort of.

I went to track today to 6 repeats of 800 meters each. Usually I do this with equal rest as running and usually do that is 3:15 to 3:20 each. As I was 1 lap into my first interval, i decided to change my recovery. I decided to just jog 200 meters between and then start right up into the next interval. I had 1:20 to 1:30 recovery. So my interval workout had a little fartlek in it. I wanted to try this workout with less rest and try to get more endurance. I think it went well.

My splits were 3:31, 3:29, 3:24, 3:22, 3:16, & 3:14 and was pretty spent by the end. It was a good workout and I am glad I did it as I was waffling before hand.

I am taking Friday off of work to get ready for the Kids Marathon on Saturday. Since Saturday morning is booked, I am planning my longer run on Friday morning. I think I will go to a loop that has lots of hills and will be about 13 miles. Getting ready for The Monkey!


Mark said...

Great track workout!!! Good luck this weekend!

Melanie said...

Indeed. I sometimes start an interval workout and realize I'd rather do something different.. sometimes it's that I switch to 800s instead of 400s or maybe I change the rest time or maybe I do less or more than planned. Hope the Kids race goes well!