Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cool Front Comes Through

Suddenly on Friday, the weather turned up here in Wisconsin. It was windy and cooler, maybe in the lower 60's. I was able to get in 4 miles and it felt really easy to go 8:30 pace. I didn't want to go faster since I had a planned long run the next morning.

Saturday morning came a little too fast for my liking but I was able to get out of bed and out to East Troy where I planned my long run on the same route with lots of hills I ran last Thursday night. Only this time I planned on 3 loops instead of 2 loops. It was cold which was a nice change of pace from the heat and humidity of the summer. It was so cold that I actually wore a long sleeve technical shirt, about 47F when I started with some wind. I like running in the cold. My best marathon times have been when the temps are in the 30's and 40's.

Mike said he may join me at some point on my run so I left a note on the car letting him know when I left so he would know about where I was. 1 loop is about 6.55 miles and takes me about 1:02 to 1:05. I take off about 10 minutes before the sun came up and at an easy pace. I took this course to help prepare me for the hills that The Monkey will be handing me in November, I think this should help as there is only about 3/4 mile flat each loop and many hills going up and down 250 + feet twice each loop. The first loop went well and I finished loop 1 in 1:02:20.

Loop 2 started well and I ran into Mike as I reached a little after 11 miles. He turned around and ran the rest of loop 2 with me and the first 2 miles of loop 3. Loop 2 was 1:01:09. My knee was sore but not enough to stop. Curse that tendinitis. I leave Mike at about mile 15 as he heads home and I head down the long steady downhill of Hwy 120. This feels good but the big, never seemingly ending hills of Kneip road await. No problem this loop and I feel good all the way through loop 3 and finish this loop in 1:00:37. I knew this would be just under 20 miles so I continued a little further to make sure I hit that milestone. Turns out I go a little over 20 miles and average 9:20 pace and I am very happy it was that fast considering the hills after hills after hills...

It is now Sunday and my left quad is a but tight and sore. I think it was pushed a little more that it wanted to be but I feel strong from the run. I feel confident. Next week will be a long run but on a flatter course but I am contemplating coming back in 2 weeks for 4 loops???? 4 loops would be a full marathon full of hills, be assured that if I do this, it will be considerably slower and just to work hills and build endurance. Last year I did a 26.2 mile training run as well, but no where near the hills. I am not sure I will do it yet or not.

No running today though. First day off in a week. The body needs some rest and it feels good.

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misszippy said...

You've earned that rest! Great job.