Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paul Finishes Ironman Wisconsin

It was a very busy weekend. Saturday I went in to work to catch up on some scheduling I was behind in. In the late morning I was able to get out and do my longer run. It was raining most of the morning so it finally stopped right before I went out. I ended up going for 13.2 miles at just under 2 hours.

Sunday was just a short run with the girls cross country team my daughter is on. With a little encouragement and a small treat (bribe), she was able to run 2 1/2 miles without stopping once. It was slow, I think like 11:30 pace, but she did it.

I got home from that and continued tracking Paul in his Ironman competition. Paul was competing in Ironman Wisconsin taking place in Madison, WI. He wasn't 100% as far as running going into the race, but he did well. This was his 3rd Ironman distanced triathlon. His swim was 1:23 and his bike was something like 17+ mph on a hilly course. Then came the run. It was 81 degrees when he started and he was dizzy for most of the first half. Once the sun went down or he was in shade, he said he could run, but otherwise it was a problem. He finished the marathon portion in the 5:40 range and with transitions, that gave him a finishing time of 13:48:36, a PR for him. Pretty cool if you ask me and it makes me want to do one someday. Note, I said someday, not tomorrow or even next year, just someday.

I did get in a few more workouts on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a nice 5 mile no watch run. That was a nice run. Then today, I did another interval workout on that same trail I ran last week. This time I did 8 intervals with all faster than the last time except for 1. I was pretty tired afterwards so that felt good.

Tomorrow is my daughters first Cross Country race. Being so young, she should have no expectations except to try to run the entire race without walking. I am guessing she will go out way too fast with all the excitement and not really knowing how to pace at all. I just hope she has fun!


Beth said...

My husband did IM WI last weekend and it was amazing to watch. Glad that your friend did well and it's great that it inspired you to consider doing one.

zbsports said...

Congratulation to Paul, he did a great job!!! Looking forward for more running post to you!!!