Monday, September 20, 2010

Am I Crazy?!?!?!

I already know the answer to this but you can come up with your own opinion.

OK, here is why I know I am crazy. Tonight I signed up for not 1, not 2, but 3 marathons in a matter of 10 minutes. WHAT??? Not only that, but I am now signed up for 4 1/2 marathons that I have not yet competed in. That is a new record for me. At one time in the past, I was signed up for 3 marathons at one time. So why the 1/2? Does that mean I am signed up for a half marathon? Let me go over the list.

First will be the Grand Rapids Marathon taking place on October 17th in, you guessed it, Grand Rapids, MI. Paul will be signing up as well and maybe Mike. This will be the race I will try to run a fast time in. Hopefully the weather will cooperate like it did the last time I ran this race 3 years ago. It was cold and sunny, I loved it.

The second marathon is the Haunted Hustle Marathon taking place on October 30th in Middleton, WI, just outside of Madison. Paul may run this one as well and Greg may come and run the half marathon. This one will depend on how I recover from Grand Rapids. I will try for a faster time if I have recovered well. Otherwise I will just have fun.

The third marathon in the nutty and crazy Harpeth Hill Flying Monkey Marathon taking place on November 21st in Nashville, TN. This race has only 200 runners and sold out in 32 minutes! I have no aspirations of a fast time here as there are many, many hills. 3500 foot elevation gain and loss so I am told. But I hear it is a very beautiful marathon so I will be soaking up the scenery and enjoying the pain. Is that possible? Mike is joining me on this road trip to the south and we will both be able to add Tennessee to our list of completed marathon states. Should be my 11th state. Plus I get to meet a pretty cool friend, Bonus!

The fourth marathon is the 1/2 I was talking about and it is the Zoom! Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon taking place on January 9th in Northfield, MN. I am not officially signed up . . .yet. This race allows only 40 runners and are selected by a lottery. I didn't make the cut. But they also continue the lottery to pick 11 for the wait list in case some drop out. I am told that 6 to 12 drop out each year for whatever reason so 6 to 12 more runners get the chance. While I did make the waiting list, the problem is that I am number 11 on that list. Chances are slim but they still are there.

Finally, my fifth marathon I am signed up for is the InStep Icebreaker Indoor Marathon taking place on January 23rd in Milwaukee, WI. This is one of my favorite marathons so I am excited to be running my 3rd in a row. The price was right as well. Since I am on the committee helping out, I was given a complimentary entry in return for all my work.

Am I crazy? Nutty? Loony? Insane? Etc? Post me a comment and give me your opinion.

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