Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time to Race

I was planning on an easy 3 miler as my final tune up run before the Snickers Albany Marathon. But I got home late from work and had to get to my brothers house to help move some stuff. He is moving to another state and is getting rid of a lot of stuff so I benefit from this by helping out. A nice patio set, coffee table, a couple desks, a roll of weed barrier, and more fun stuff. I am trying to get him to sell me his snow blower since he won't need it anymore (he is moving to the deep south) but my Dad might want it. Here is my thought though, my parents are snow birds now and live for 3 months in Florida so they would only need it for December while I live here year round. Perhaps I am being selfish here and perhaps I am just trying to save my back. You make the call.

Yesterday ended up being my last run. An easy 4 miler at 8:45 pace. It was a nice run by myself. Am I ready for the marathon on Saturday? I hope so. As always, my plan is to break 4 hours and I "should" have no problem doing this, but all too often, I do have a problem doing this. I hope my plan of joining the 4 hour pace group will help me keep in check and help me relax during the race. But most importantly I hope to have fun. Mike and Paul being there should help with this. It is always a blast when we go to an out of town marathon. The weather looks good so far so let's hope it stays that way.

I have a long drive in store tomorrow so time to get to bed. Wish me luck!

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Beth said...

I'm sorry I was out of town and missed the chance to wish you luck before your race today. I hope you did have fun and that it went well. I can't wait to hear about it! Good luck with the snowblower, too. :)