Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Would Steal A Magnet?

My running schedule for the next 5 or 6 weeks will be a bit different and I need to adjust to make sure I get my runs in. I won't have any time to run after work, maybe 1 day per week. This means I need to get up early to run before work. I usually have some issues in the morning of I go for a run right away so I need to stay close to home or have something close by. Just the way I am I guess. So since the track nearby does not have one yet, I have decided to run around my neighborhood for quite a few laps. It is 0.7 miles to go one lap around (small neighborhood, I know) so it keeps me close in case of emergency. I am never more than a 1/4 mile from home.

So I ran 7 laps on Tuesday morning at 5:20AM. It was very dark and only a few car leaving for work as I ran my 7 laps. I felt like I was running fast in the dark but I ended up only going 9:00 pace. It really felt faster. So this morning I decided to run 7.75 laps and felt a little faster. Turns out I ran at 7:57 pace! I don't get it. I didn't feel that much faster. Weird, huh. I am going to keep running this route for the next few weeks though so I better get used to it. It is not that bad and at least it is dark otherwise I think the neighbors may think I am going crazy.

Tomorrow's plan is a long run with Mike. I think Mike is only going about 13 miles but I will continue to make it 17 or so. It will probably be a slower pace but mike may make it faster so I will have to be prepared for anything.

On another note, March Madness is well underway. I love the NCAA basketball tourney, always have. i especially love the upsets, that is unless it is my team being upset. As low and behold, my team has already been upset and it done. Marquette lost to Washington so I am bummer about that. Wisconsin avoided and upset today by Wofford so that is good. And for the second straight year, I had my girls fill out brackets (actually I filled them out by asking them). I love who the pick and why. My oldest picked North Texas to win it all. My middle girl chose St. Mary's (good luck with that one), an the youngest picked Pittsburgh, or as she called them giggling each time "Pittsburger". I am into 2 pool and chose Kansas in one and Kentucky in the other. Sorry if I didn't choose your team!

So something really pissed me off in Albany 2 weeks ago. on my van, I have a magnet in the shape of an oval that says 26.2. We all know what that is. Someone at the hotel in Albany stole it right off my van. I saw it the night before and when I was packing to leave, it was gone. Who would want a magnet like that except for a runner? And most runners are cool enough to not take those things. Perhaps it was someone who is not a runner stealing it for a runner friend or family member. Anyways, it pissed me off. I will get over it though.

After the Albany Marathon, I did have a vacation but some issues made it short. the girls and I did have some fun so I thought I would share a few pictures:
Have you ever seen a snowman in Panama City Beach? I wanted the let Florida see one!
We spent a day in Destin, FL. The girls saw some dolphins in the Gulf bobbing and jumping so I decided to make one myself. OK, I am not a great artist but I try.
On the way home, we spent the night in Nashville and visited the Opryland Hotel. This is a really cool looking hotel. I recommend a stop if you are ever in Nashville.
We also spent a night in Indianapolis and went to the NCAA Hall of Champions. It was almost empty to so had the place practically to ourselves. It was only $5 to get in so worth the price. Do you think the girls are ready for the gridiron?
My youngest may have a future in sprinting? Looks like good form to me, at least for a 4 year old.

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