Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breaker, Breaker, 10-4

I thought of something sort of weird today. I seem to run "Breaker" marathons. So far this year I have run the Icebreaker Marathon and the Trailbreaker Marathon. I am also contemplation running the JailBreak Marathon in April. Why is everything breaking? I don't think I broke the trail as I ran on it. I most certainly did not break the Ice because I never stepped foot on it, I just ran 5 feet from it the entire time. Most of all, I do NOT want to break the jail. The last thing I need when running a marathon is to have to contend with convicts also running "away" from the jail. All of these marathons are in Wisconsin. Are things breaking here? I could go on and on about the stuff I do think are breaking but I will spare you all my opinions and not offend anyone . . . today.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of me during the Trailbreaker Marathon. Look, the trail does NOT look broken.

I look a little stumpy here in the arms. It was cold and this was just past 1 mile. there I go advertising the WELS Kid's Marathon.

This is right in the middle of the bike trail. Probably close to mile 6 or 7 here. The orange shirt came off at mile 10 1/2.

Here I come into the finish. Don't you love it when when they get you in a funny pose. i must have been deep mid breath with my mouth that wide open.


misszippy said...

I guess break is your theme this year. Now you need to look for a new theme for your 2011 races!

Beth said...

Great race pictures!