Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Few More Thoughts On The Albany Marathon

Some more quick notes on the Albany Marathon. I just checked some of the posts on and agree with most of them. Someone wrote how they thought it was a hilly marathon, I am not sure what route they took but it wasn't at all. One guy mentioned it was hilly compared to Chicago, well, what other marathon isn't? (Besides the indoor ones?) Otherwise the posts were right on. A really good smaller town marathon that I recommend.

Here is a photo of the Finishers Medal. I would say that this one is a above average. It is a nice size and has some weight to it. Plus the design is nice. The date on the lanyard is also a nice touch. If you like medals, there is no reason to skip this one.

Here is a photo of the shirt. While it is a nice technical short sleeve shirt, and I like short sleeve as apposed to long sleeve, the design and color are awful. OK, maybe awful if you are a guy. I can't see myself wearing this one too often while out on runs. The guys in my group were making fun of it so I would definitely give it a thumbs down. Maybe your taste is different that mine and like it. Well, we can chalk it up to opposing opinions then.

I have not run since the marathon. This is the longest I have taken off of running in a long, long time. I was going to run with Mike on Saturday morning but I woke up to wind and rain and thought the bed seemed like a better choice. This morning I just wimped out. I will get back to it tomorrow though.

I am planning on running another marathon is just 2 weeks. The Trailbreaker Marathon in Waukesha, WI. I live only about 12 miles or so from the start/finish area. In any defence, it is only going to be a long training run marathon. No goals on time, just get out there and have a good run. It is a race I gave a lot of my opinions on to one of the guys on the race committee. I am curious whether they took some of my opinions and used them. They did use one already and are giving a finishers medal to the half and full marathons. I have run this one twice before, both as training runs, and this is the ONLY marathon I do not have a medal from. I also suggested mile markers since the only had them for the first 4 miles and the last 3. I also suggested a little better food after the event instead of popcorn. Who wants popcorn after a race?!?!

This race is considered one of the toughest in the US and I said not to change the course at all. It really is only difficult for miles 9 1/2 to 15 1/2. At just over halfway, you do have to climb an observation tower about 60 feet high. That is a lot of steps that are difficult but I don't like always running easy ones. And again, it is only a training run.

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Beth said...

I'm with you on the shirt. I like them without quite as much "stuff" on them. Good luck on your race/training run. Popcorn? What is up with that?