Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Signed Up For The Trailbreaker

I just signed up for the Trailbreaker Marathon about 15 minutes ago. Nothing like waiting until the last moment, registration closes in 45 minutes. This is the first time they have had a registration deadline. The last 2 times I ran this race, I drove in and signed up 45 minutes before the start. I would have preferred this way, but oh well, no complaints. Now I have no reason to wake up and say I am not doing it.

So a nice long 26.2 mile training run on Saturday. I found this YouTube Video that someone posted following them along the Trailbreaker in 2007. That was the first year I ran the full here. (They have a half marathon and 5K, both I have done in the past). The best part of this video is you can see some footage of the tower (Right at the 1:44 point in the video) that is required for us to climb and the nice stairs and hill we have to climb just below the tower. It is pretty brutal but all for fun.

I will tell you all how it goes on Saturday or Sunday.

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