Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is Your Fall Marathon?

I had emailed a marathoning friend earlier this week asking her if she had chosen a fall marathon yet for this year. She said no. I asked because I saw that the Chicago Marathon is already full and the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee is filling fast. While I am not going to do either of those marathons, I still want to get in at least 1 if not 2 marathons this fall. My friends I run with have not chosen one yet either.

We are leaning toward 2 different ones but they are the same day so we obviously have to choose only 1 of them. They are the Grand Rapids Marathon in Michigan and the Des Moines Marathon in Iowa. My friend Mike is on a quest for all 50 states so does not want repeat a state. He may run a Michigan marathon this April which means he won't run Grand Rapids in October. This does not mean I won't though. Grand Rapids is one of my favorite marathons to date and I would love to run it again. I will have to do some research as to which marathons I will run this fall and when they will be.

As far as this spring, I may get another marathon in. Mike is going to Fargo, North Dakota in May and I might tag along. The problem is that it is only 2 weeks after the Lake Geneva Euro Cross Country "Marathon". I put that is quotes because it is only 22 miles but it is a trail run around Lake Geneva, WI right on the shore the entire way. So if I do sign up for Fargo, do I still run Lake Geneva? Not sure. Fargo could be a good course for a faster time. No guarantees I will go though.

I do have some bad news from my point of view. I will not be able to run this years Door County Half Marathon. That is a total bummer as I love the course and the race. Maybe next year.

So I ask you, "What is your Fall Marathon?" Please leave me a comment on your plans, I would love to hear them. And maybe, just maybe, you can sway me to think about a different race to do.

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