Saturday, April 3, 2010

Half On The Trail

The last few days we have had some absolutely beautiful weather here in Wisconsin. Thursday and Friday it was sunny and it hit 80F. It was spectacular. I was able to get a few nice runs during these days and let me tell you, it feels nice to get a really good sweat going. It might not be good for the people around me when I am done, but that is what a shower is for. It has been a long time since I was able to really get my shirt wet out there and it not be from rain. Now this might gross some of you out, and if it does, you must not be a runner. Sweating and wet shirts are a part of running. It is the feeling of a really good workout and knowing we are doing our best. It certainly can be uncomfortable at times being soaking wet from sweat but you take the good with the bad.

Today I ran with Paul. It was about 55F out this morning at 7AM when we started. Paul was just in Singapore on business the past week and missed the Trailbreaker Marathon so we decided to get a medium length run in. We ran on the trail that goes through my town because it is soft crushed limestone and is 13 miles from one end to the other and back.

We started slow and I felt pretty tired. Paul was also tired trying to get back to our time instead of Singapore time. We ran the first half, into the wind, in an average pace of 9:16 and it felt sluggish. It was a bit misty out and the threat of showers were in the air and in the forecast. We turned around after running an extra 0.05 of a mile and began back. Suddenly we both felt a lot better and picked it up. We ran the rest of the way back a little over 8:30 pace and ran to 13.1 miles instead of stopping at 13. If you don't know why, I am not telling you. We finished in a time of 1:57 so we obviously did well on the way back.

Turns out on the way home in the car, it started raining. We missed the rain by about 10 minutes so it was timed good.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. I will be helping park cars at Church tomorrow so I hope there is not rain. Now it is time for me to make an Easter Egg hunt for the girls. We will go outside because the rain is gone and the sun is out. It is windy so lets hope the eggs don't get blown away.

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Beth said...

That is fantastic that you had a 13.1 mile run so soon after your marathon. Great! I hope it didn't rain on you. It was beautiful here today.