Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dodging Drops

It has been cold, cloudy, and rainy the last few days here in WI. But that does not stop me from getting out and going for runs. The good news is that I was pretty lucky on them by avoiding the rain both the last 2 days.

Yesterday, Mike and I planned to run after work but it was raining almost all day. By 4:30, it had started to slow down considerably and by the time we got out the door, it was just a light mist. Jeff joined us again for an easy 4 1/2 miles on the ole hills loop. We ran well and had good conversation along the way. Once we finished, we went inside and not 2 minutes later, it began to pour outside. We would have been soaked!

Today, Jeff joined Mike and I again for 5 1/2 miles. Again easy paced and no rain.

I made a minor decision today. If I run the Jailbreak Marathon in 2 weeks, I am going to make it another training run marathon. Here is why. This weekend, I am running a 20 miler on Saturday that will include a half marathon race over the last 13.1 miles. I am planning on running that one faster that I would normally run a long run. I hope to run it at an average pace of 8:30ish.

Then next weekend I am running the Gary's Gallop 5K near home. This race takes place at the same place where I have my Kid's Marathon race at and it run bu some people I know. Good news on this, since I run on the InStep Racing Team, I was able to get a comp entry into the race. This is the first comp entry I have been able to get so this is all good. It is a 5K so ideally I would love to break 20 minutes but it has a few hills in it and one that is not small. The last 2 times I ran this race, I ran about 20:40. I can hope though.

That would mean the next weekend is the Jailbreak Marathon with 2 races the preceding weekends. Doesn't sound like the best way to prepare to run a fast marathon so training run it will be. It is all good though, I do get to count it as one more marathon completed.

I am still debating going with Mike to Fargo in May. That one I would like to run hard and get a fast time. I will continue to debate this one the next few weeks though.

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