Friday, April 30, 2010

The Future Holds A Lot

Today, I officially signed up for the Fargo Marathon which is on May 22nd in, you guessed it, Fargo, North Dakota. I have never been in North Dakota before so that should be a treat. A little while before I counted all the states I have been to. To qualify, I must have been on the ground and not flying over. I am at 35 or 36 now so I will be 1 more closer to all 50. If I want to join the 50 states club, I will have to run a marathon in all 50 states so by definition, I will have been in all 50 states that way. It may be the only way I get to Hawaii or Alaska, maybe not.

Anyway, I did sign up for the Fargo Marathon and the Go Far Challenge. What is that you may be asking. Well, they have a 5K on Friday evening and then marathon, half marathon, and 10K on Saturday morning. If you do the 5K and any of the other races, you get 3 medals total. Kind of like the Goofy Challenge at Disney World and Gold Medal Challenge at the Icebreaker Marathon but only a 5K instead of the half marathon. Mike and I will be driving up on Friday and we both will do the 5K at a very easy relaxed pace. I am predicting a time of 27 to 29 minutes easy. We both want to run the marathon in a good time so no need to crunch out a fast 5K and kill ourselves.

In other non-running stuff, this weekend is the annual Father/Daughter Dance at my girl’s school. This year I am taking 2 of them. I will be sure to include some pictures as the girls love getting all dressed up and going out with Dad in his suit and tie. It is an interesting experience. The girls are usually dancing (jumping around) with all their friends while a lot of the Dads are watching and talking. Then they have some Dad/Daughter songs they play and we get to dance with our little princesses. They love it.

This past week I even took them out shopping for new dresses. Yes, me! We ended up getting them at JC Penney’s for a real steal at 80% off. Melissa, being older and a whole 8 years old, took a more mature dress with sequins while Megan (5 y/o) took the "poofier" pink dress that is more like a princess. For the most part I let them pick it out but with my approval, of course. I had a Mom or two at the stores looking at me and one even said I looked lost. I don’t think I was that bad but maybe I was.

I have also been working hard on the WELS Kids Marathon that I am the director for over the past few weeks. We are now ready to send out the information sheets and sign up forms to the school that have decided to participate. As of right now, there are 18 schools signed up, last year we had a total of 10. The deadline for the schools is 1 week before the school year ends so I can then get them their running/reading logs to hand out to the kids before school lets out for the summer.

I know I promised you all a recap on what the WELS Kids Marathon is. I will do that in the next few posts here. It really is a cool program to get kids off the couch in the summer and out exercising. And also getting them to continue to read when school is out.

I am planning on a somewhat longer run tomorrow, maybe 13, that is if it is not to bad weather wise outside. I could always use a weekend off but I think I will be out there anyways.

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Beth said...

I've run the Fargo Marathon twice and the Half marathon once. You will love it! The whole town comes out for the race and the course is very flat. Let me know if there is any info that I could give you that would be helpful!