Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Time With The Girls

Yesterday's plan was for 13 miles down near the lakefront of Milwaukee. I went on a mapping site and mapped out a nice 13 miler that went out on a pier and back, along the shoreline, along the Lakefront Marathon course, down 2 different bike paths used in 2 different local runs and finished where the Lakefront Marathon finishes. After a night of rain, it was nice to get down there just as the sun came out. there was a slight breeze but it was warm. Great running weather for a training run. I ended up going 13.1 miles, a nice half marathon, in 1:57:27, faster than I really wanted to go but good.

Last night was a night with 2 of my daughters. It was the annual Father-Daughter dance at their school. It turned out to be a nice evening with a really good dinner put on bu the leaders of the group they are in that put it on. We had turkey and beef along with potatoes and corn. Now if I could only get my oldest to eat, we would be in business. She misses out on so much good food because of her stubbornness. After dinner, there was some dancing the all the girls had a great time jumping around and having Dad all to themselves. In my case, I had 2 along and there was one other Dad with 2. The Dads had fun as well. Here is a picture before we left:


misszippy said...

So cute! Glad you had a good, long run!

Beth said...

Well, a great run and a great evening with your girls. Can't get much better than that!