Friday, May 28, 2010

Fast Recovery

I took quite a few days off after the Fargo Marathon last Saturday. My first run was on Thursday after work when I did 5.5 miles and I have to tell you I did not feel the marathon in my legs at all. I was very pumped by this as I usually feel it a little for a week or so.

My spring marathon season is over now. I decided not to return quickly and run the Sunburst Marathon in Indiana next weekend. I have already run 5 marathons in 2010 so far so I am taking a few months off the get some good training in. I would like get some good long runs in and some speed work on the track. Mile or 800 repeats are in order. Also some hill workouts to really get in shape. I would like to get my time down to 3:45 in the fall. There are 2 marathons I am eyeing up for a fast time and one that I don't think it is humanly possible run run a fast time on. Maybe one in September and maybe one in October.

I will be travelling up to Door County, Wisconsin. I love this place. I will be doing dome biking, swimming, and some running. No, I am not doing a triathlon. But there is a 10K at Maifest in Jacksonport that I think I will join on Sunday morning. Not sure what I can do in a 10K or if I will try to run all out but I will try to have fun.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Forecasted weather in Wisconsin is Spectacular. Don't forget to remember all our fallen heroes.

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Mark said...

Awesome year shaping up for you, Bill. Have a great weekend!!