Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Running With The Jog Stroller

When I first had kids, I decided that I wanted to get a jog stroller so I could go out on runs and have them along to enjoy the scenery and time with Dad. Every time I get a chance to do this, i love it . . . still. Yesterday was no exception.

I went on a short 4+ miler with Katelynn on a windy day. It is not easy to run on a windy day, especially when running INTO the wind. She is now 4 1/2 years old and I won't have too much longer to be able to push her while running. In the past, the girls have slept while running, looked around, sang, and even babbled a lot. It is always entertaining and fun. The only problems come when they try to put their foot on the front wheel while we are moving, this is a no-no. Usually they soak all the sights in and enjoy the fresh air. And if you have read my posts in the past, you will know that I even join some races with them in the jog stroller. No marathons, they don't allow it usually and I don't think they would like it for that long but I have gone as long as a 15K race.

Today was an easy 5 miler on some trails near my work. It was a windy but warm day in the low 80's. The trails are not easy but I kept it slow.

I am thinking of entering a 5K this weekend. The Lake Geneva Marathon, Half Marathon, Euro Cross, 10K and 5K. It is a very tough 5K course with 3 major hills on the course each 150 feet. So if I do it, I have no aspirations of breaking 20 minutes but a good fast run would feel nice. At the start of the year, I was planning on running the Euro Cross Country Marathon (22 miles around the lake shore) but decided not to when I entered Fargo. I have a couple friends running the marathon so I can watch them start, run my race, do a long cool down, and then cheer them on during the last few miles. I will then have 2 weeks to get ready for Fargo.

So Good Luck to Chris at Lake Geneva. And good luck to Paul and Laura if they run.

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