Monday, May 17, 2010

No Watch = No Worries

I decided to run without my watch today after work. I was only going an easy 4 miles so I left it behind and just ran how I felt but kept it easy. My left arm felt naked but the run felt great. I have no idea how fast it was. Could have been as fast at 8:15 or a slow as 9:30, don't know!

I am in taper mode for Fargo. I only ran 8 miles this weekend on the track near my home. That was at 8:48 pace on Sunday morning. Now I plan on running tomorrow, maybe 3 miles easy and then take Wednesday and Thursday off. Friday is the long drive to Fargo with Mike and maybe Paul. It should take us a bit over 9 hours to drive there. We are then going to run the 5K on Friday evening as a part of the Go Far Challenge. I would like to run the marathon well so I plan on running this very easy, maybe 9:00 pace. After that we may try to go see Dean Karnazes speak as he is one of the guest speakers. I usually don't go to see these speakers but I saw his 50 states in 50 days video and he seems interesting.

So far the weather looks like it is good. At least no rain forecasted. A little warm for my liking but I will run in whatever I get. Than after we are done, we hit the road and try to get home by midnight, that is if we don't fall asleep on the way home.

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