Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chris Solinsky is Fast!

Did you hear or see the 10K run at Stanford over the weekend? Chris Solinsky destroyed the American Record for the 10K. He ran it in 26:59.60. Yes, that is under 27 minutes for 6.2 miles! That is an average of 4:21 per mile!

I have a liking for Chris Solinsky and his running team in Oregon. Chris grew up in Stevens Point, WI, a city I ran many track meets in at Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He is a local kid who did what it took to become the best 10K runner in American History! He went to college at Wisconsin and even trained after college in Madison until last year when the team moved to Oregon to train under the Nike name. I have been following his progress in the news since he was a sophomore in High School, winning the Foot Locker High School National Cross Country Championship as a senior and then multiple NCAA Championships while attending Wisconsin. And now Chris is the fastest "non-African" in history at 10K.

It is a shame we have to say "non-African" and maybe one day it will just be fastest ever. But for now, it was great to see him come into his glory in the national and world stage with this major win and time. If you want to watch the race, see it here. It is fun to watch and his final 800 meters (2 laps) are amazingly fast (1:56).

One last thing. Please join me in praying for those in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Seems it rained there this weekend, and rained . . . and rained . . . and rained . . . There is severe flooding and many people lost homes, cars, and some, their lives. I was there 2 months ago passing through and visited the Opry Land Resort. Now it is under 10 feet of water and there are billions of dollars worth of damage. God has his own plan and we may not like it all the time, but we will live it. But He will hear our prayers and help those in need.


misszippy said...

The interesting thing I just read is that he is the heaviest runner ever to break a 10k record. Not that he is fat!

Mark said...

Good post, Bill...amen!