Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Logo, What Do You Think?

Today, Mike and I went on a 6 mile easy run afterwork. He wanted to make sure we went 6 miles so he could reach 400 for the year. Odd way to do it but then again, I have run certain distances for the exact same reason so I can't fault him too much. He wants to catch up to me but it's hard for him to do when we run together. I am up to 425 miles this year.

Mike is a graphic artist where I work. I think he is pretty good at his job so that is the reason I asked him last year to design the logo for the Kids Marathon I am the director for. It is called the WELS Kids Marathon. Again, this year, Mike has donated his time and talents to design a new logo for us that will be used on out website, on the tshirts, on the running/reading logs, and on all our official letters out to sponsors etc. Here is the logo he designed for us this year:

Mike then took the logo and made it verticle for us to use in ways that may work better this way.

Some of you may be new to reading my blog regularly and may not know about this Kids Marathon I put on. In the near future, I will post a message all about it and what we have planned for 2010.

What do you think of the logo?

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Beth said...

I love the logo! The colors are especially attractive- very, very nice. I am working hard to hit 100 miles this month and ran an extra mile in the rain this morning because its going to be close as to whether I make it- so I identify!