Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally, Shorts!

My long run this weekend consisted of only an 8 miler. I decided to sleep in a Saturday since I don't get to do this often at all. Then I slept in normally on Sunday, attended church, and then once I got home, put on the running shoes and out the door I went. OK, OK, I changed into 3 tshirts (1 long) and shorts. YES, shorts! Finally I was able to run outside in shorts. It has been a long time since I was able to do this. It was in the mid 30's so shorts were definitely in order. Some of you have asked me when will I wear shots vs. running tights. Well, usually that is about at 32F out. I can go in shorts into the upper 20's without problems but I prefer to wait until the freezing temperature. Honestly, my legs don't get cold in that weather. Wind does make a difference, but with not much wind and lower 30's are just fine with me. The legs might be a bit cold when I first get out the door but once I get going, they are just fine. Bet that sounds cold to you runners from the south, huh.

So today was an 8 mile run in my shorts. Pace was comfortable but I felt a bit tight. I averaged 8:44 pace which is faster than I plan on running the marathon next Saturday but I felt good. I don't feel I tired out the legs at all either. I will do a few short runs this week and then try not to get too 'tired' on the drive down to Albany, GA. Yes, I am driving down. Should be a little over 16 hours to get there but I am cutting it into 2 different days.

So here is the marathon plan this time. I am going to join the 4 hour pace group and try to let the easier opening pace settle my issues later in the race. If I have energy after 21 or so, I will take off and go for a better time but I am trying to avoid the dreaded crash and burn. This should, and I emphasize "should", not be a problem for me. I did run the Whistle Stop Marathon in October in 3:55 and only 2 years ago, ran a 3:43. I know I can run this fast but just haven't put all the pieces together. So a slower start will be in my future. Oddly enough, the pace for the 3:50 group is one of the ladies that was a pacer in the group I ran with at Grand Rapids 2 years ago when I did run that 3:43. I flirted with the idea of running with that group but thought better of it.

On another note, I am watching the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics right now. I absolutely loved the Olympics this year. I won't watch events like Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, or even Curling ever, that is unless it is in the Olympics, then I can't get enough of it. Now I can say I have had enough of it for 4 years, then I will watch again.

Here is a funny little Olympic story (sort of). As you all know by now, I do a lot of my long training runs at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee where a lot of the Olympic Speed Skaters train. Well, one day I was actually ice skating (I am not very good at it) on the oval and I was wearing a 1996 Atlanta Olympic jacket I had. Someone seriously came up to me and asked me if I was an Olympian. It was kind of cool, but I had to say, sorry I was not.

I did love seeing the Opening ceremonies 2 weeks ago. I feel Canada did a great job considering the were following what Beijing did and there was no way to top that. The closing ceremonies are a different story. The first half, before NBC went to 'The Marriage Ref', was actually quite boring and annoying. I was glad they went to The Marriage Ref. There was suppose to be humor that just wasn't funny. They brought out all these Mounties and just way over did that part of their culture. The second part is on right now with concert footage so it is OK now.


Melanie said...

I'm with you... I should so be going to bed since I start my job tomorrow, but I can't stop watching the concert stuff.

misszippy said...

Funny on your comfort level with shorts. I am a "hot" runner compared to many of my friends, but my cut off for shorts is low 40s. You are one warm runner!

Tattie said...

Good luck in your marathon next week!