Monday, February 8, 2010

More Snow to Come (But Not Too Much)

I was planning on running today after work with Mike for about 5 or so miles. I went to change and suddenly realized I did not have my running tights with me. It was 25F out so I thought I could handle one run in shorts but alas, there are no shorts in the bag either. So I told Mike I was not going to be able to go with him and went home knowing I could run once I get there.

The good thing about running from home is that I could get a little more miles in than if I ran from work. I decided to run to a particular road and back which ended up being a total of 6 2/3 miles. It was a good run as I kept a decent pace up and averaged 8:16 pace.

I wanted to make sure I got my run in today as I may be unable to tomorrow. We are expecting snow. Now it is not as much as they had in DC and Baltimore, but it is suppose to be between 10 to 16 inches. I hear it will be the light fluffy kind so my back is thankful. With all this snow going on all over the country and the large amounts in areas not used to so much, I wonder what the Global Warming/Climate Change people say to explain this. I usually get a kick out of how they keep changing their answers to fit whatever is the latest type of weather. Just like you don't really hear "Global Warming" much anymore, instead you hear "Climate Change". I have news for everyone, the climate has been changing the entire history of the world. Perhaps people have forgotten the multiple times we have had ice ages and then melts and back.

OK, off my soap box now.

It is less than 4 weeks until the Albany, GA Marathon and I am seriously thinking of joining a pace group during the race. I did this at Grand Rapids a few years ago and had great results but also did this in Madison and had bad results. I think that was because I joined a group a little too fast for me on a hilly course. Another long run planned for this weekend then I will begin to drop the miles again. I would like to run well in this race but I am driving all the way down there and that may tire me out some. I think it is like 16 hours or so but I will take 2 days to do it driving a little over half way on day 1. Nothing like a good road trip.

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Melanie said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks the climate change stuff is a bunch of bull and time spent on it a waste of money. :)