Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pet Peeves?

I am in a good mood about my running recently. I am starting to reduce my miles in order to try to run a good race in Albany, Georgia in 2 1/2 weeks. Yesterday was a nice 5 miler that was sort of a Tempo run. I did not intend to run that fast, but I felt good so I averaged 7:48 pace. Today was a nice run of about 4.5 miles at somewhere near 8:25 pace. Both runs were by myself but I am OK with that.

How abut running with others? Do you have some running buddies that you run with? If you read my posts, you know I have a few friends I run with from time to time. I think it DEFINITELY helps you get better if you can train with someone else. But as I was talking to Paul today, he brought up something that i thought I would write about. Annoying things your running friends do.

We were talking about the Albany Marathon we are planning on running and I told him they have pace groups and he may want to join one. He said he would like to run with a group but often the other in the group are annoying with all the chatting they do. So this is something that annoys Paul, too much chatter during races. So here are a few things that annoy me whether I am on a run with a friend or in a race.

1. People who start a race in the front that are either slow runners or walkers. They just get in the way.

2. In the same breath are walkers or slow runners who run 3 or 4 abreast in a race just chatting away not caring how difficult it is to get past them (when they started up front). I find this to be too often the "Purple People" in races. I have no problem with the cause of the Purple People and I appreciate all they do for charity, I just with their "coaches" would teach them all runner etiquette before races.

3. I run often with faster runners and I like this. It makes me elevate my own training. But on an easy run, a pet peeve of mine is when a friend runs 1 to 2 steps ahead of me the entire run. Just run next to me for crying out loud. And when I pick up the pace to get even, they regain that 1 to 2 steps. aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

4. And finally, this is something one of my friend I used to run with would do. We would be running on a busy road and he would run just inside the white line. I try to tell him to run on the gravel when a car comes but he just responds with "I have a right to be here" or "If I get hit, it would be their fault". Yes, you are correct, it would be their fault, absolutely, but you are still dead.

Like I started this post, I am in a good running mood so this post does not reflect how I feel about running today. It just seemed like something to write about, that is all. So, what are you running pet peeves? I would love to hear them!


Beth said...

Glad your running is going so well! I am right there with you on peeves one and two. I don't have much experience with three and four, but could see how that would be irritating. I would add that I have no problem with people walking in a race, but for goodness sakes, move to the side and don't just stop suddenly so that everyone behind you runs into you.

KBam said...

One of my pet peeves is a negative attitude. My friend who I'm training with for the Wisconsin Marathon warned me before we started doing long runs together that she gets negative on long runs, and I warned her that I'm disgustingly positive on long runs, so we figured we'd make up for each other. We'd been running together (up to 5-6 miles) for months so I didn't see a problem. Now the negativity is really starting to get to me... I may need to tell her to start faking some positive vibes or I'll have to run alone!

Mark said...

I get frustrated with conversationalists in races! I feel I need to talk but I'd like to conserve the energy! Out here in the boonedocks I run 99.999999% of the time alone.

misszippy said...

I have a great group of runners that I do 2-3 of my runs with each week. They are the best and I couldn't get through the long miles without them! Fun blog, btw.