Thursday, February 25, 2010

Easy in the Sun, Easy in the Snow

I had to polar opposite runs (weather-wise) on the same course 2 days in a row. Yesterday I ran 5 miles. We were experiencing a snow burst in Waterford. It was snowing small flakes for awhile then large flakes, but none-the-less, snowing the entire time. I did 2 laps on a 2 mile route and then 1 lap on a 1 mile route. It was interesting to see my footprints after each lap to see how much snow fell in the last 2 miles (~17 minutes). Sometimes it was difficult to find them, sometimes not. It was a good run though. Cold, yes, but comfortable. I ended up averaging 8:30 pace and it wasn't difficult.

The today it was cold again, but it was bright and sunny. It was nice to run in the sun again since we don't get too many of those days here in the winter. Plus I usually run after work so in December and January, it gets dark so early. It was so bright that at times I had to look down to make sure I was running in the right place. Too much glare, I love it! Today was only 4 miles, 2 laps on the 2 mile route. today was faster, I averaged 8:13 pace but I really didn't try to run that fast. It is much easier to run fast when you don't run on snow.

Speaking of snow, I am looking forward to running where there is not any snow. Well, maybe there will be snow in southern Georgia, but not nearly as much as here. I am also looking forward to running outside in shorts. I can run outside in the cold in shorts, but it has been just a bit too cold so I have been in the running tights for a long time. Hopefully we won't get anymore snow (of significance) before next week. I would prefer not to shovel anymore.


misszippy said...

One of these days the warm will win out over the cold! BTW--I was looking at your race times: if you can turn in a 20-min. 5k, you can take some significant time off your marathon times!

Beth said...

What temperature do you start wearing shorts? I will wear shorts when it hits 40 if it's not to windy or damp outside. I hope you get good weather and have a good trip.