Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slow and Sloppy

It was snowing pretty good here today. I woke up early to shovel the driveway before I went to work for the day and then shoveled a lot more when I came home. So today I did a double workout. After work, Mike and I actually put on the running shoes and went for a slow and sloppy 4 miles through town. It was actually rather fun. The roads had a lot of slop on them but nothing we are not used to. We ran really slow, I think about 9:20 pace or so but kept up a good conversation. The only problem was at one point, the snow was falling so much and blowing right into our face, that it stung our eyes and made it difficult to see. Ahhhh, that is what makes you tough! Or as my Dad used to say "It builds character"

The second workout? You guessed it, the snow shoveling. There was about 7 to 10 inches on the driveway when I got home and lots of drifts so out I went and spent about an hour and a half removing the snow. It is still falling so I will have to wake up early to get out there again. I am ready for spring!

I am not complaining about the snow here (though my back says otherwise). I know there are many out there in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia that got a lot more snow that we did. I feel for you guys, you will get though this and spring will come. Hey, where is that Global Warming when you need it, LOL.

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Beth said...

I was thinking today that it's not so bad running through the snow, but it's going to be really messy when all of this starts to melt. I wonder how long it will be until it is all gone. I can't wait!