Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Keep A Chiropractor In Business

I did not run all weekend. Took the entire thing off. So what do I get for that? My body rebels.

I was playing outside with my youngest princess. We were playing “Catch Ball” as she calls it. I take a ‘bouncy ball’, the kind you can get at your local Target or grocery store of $1.99 and we are playing catch with it. On one particular throw, which consists of me very softly underhand throwing the ball to her, I suddenly feel my lower back start to tighten up. COME ON NOW! It was ball that weighed ¼ pound at best and all of a sudden my back problems are here again. I quickly go inside to stretch it out but the damage was done and my back was sore once again. Not as bad as previous times but sore none-the-less.

I make an appointment with the Chiro for Monday after work and he gives it a good stretching and cracking. It feels better as of today but not yet to 100%. I guess you just never know what will trigger it to go that way but I deal with it anyways.

While at the Chiro, I tell him that my ankle is feeling a lot better and that I had no issues walking on it during the day. PSYCH! I should have kept my mouth shut.

After the appointment, I went on a run. I was going to go 5 miles and after the first half mile of the back feeling tender, the tenderness goes away and I run free and easy. I am cruising at a pace of close to 7:50 and it feels easy. I decide to go a bit further than 5 and turn around a little past 3 miles. At about 3 ½ miles, all of a sudden I get sharp pains in my foot just below the ankle area, same foot. I know this is the same thing but I have never felt it like this before. I have to walk a little and try to start up but the pain is still there. I finally get to a jog and keep increasing the pace until I am back to that fast sub 8:00 pace. Again I feel great, except for the foot which I am monitoring closely.

I finish the run, about 6.22 miles averaging 7:55 pace. This was great but now I am walking tenderly. I am cursed, at least I was on Monday. I am going to run tonight. I am going to try 7 miles at an easy pace. My plan is mega miles this week. I hope the foot feels OK, but I will definitely be discussing this with the Chiro tomorrow as I have another appointment.

I said I have a big week planned and I am hoping I can do it all without the injury bug hitting me more. 6 yesterday, 7 today. 6 or 7 tomorrow. I have off on Friday so I plan on doing a nice easy 14 miles. Then on Saturday, I am planning on helping pace a friend in his first half marathon. I will run 5 miles before hand with another friend and then try to help pace Greg at 9:00 pace. I hope I can keep up with that toward the end. He is excited about his first half and I try to convince him to go the next step after the half and go for a full. He is a work in process as he says no way now, the challenge is now set!

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Mark said...

Man, Bill. That foot has to heal up. Hope the Chiro can help.