Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Happened to Paul?

I finally did go on a run yesterday. mike and I headed out for a nice 7 miler though after 2.5, he thought we were turning around. Nope! It was very cool, about as cold as I can still wear a short sleeve shirt, maybe 55. But it was VERY windy and slightly sprinkling. This was suppose to be an easy run and that is what it was. We ended up averaging about 8:32 pace for the 7 miles including 1.5 into the wind at the end. It also started raining a bit more at the end. Mike kept commenting how it was snowing, not quite. It was a very good recovery run though I was not recovering from anything except for yard work. I guess I was recovering from sore hamstrings. They loosened up on the run and now on Tuesday, I can still feel that they are tight, but they are getting better. Nothing a good stretch can't help.

I got some bad news on Monday. Maybe it is not bad news but really good news. It is all how you look at it. Paul told me that he will not be going with me to the Whistle Stop Marathon. He will be getting back very late on Friday from a business trip to Singapore and can't make it. I ragged on him some but all in good fun. So now it looks like I will be going up all by myself. That could totally suck. It is about 6 hours drive each way to close to as north in Wisconsin as you can get. I did talk to Chaz who is running the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee this Sunday and he may be interested in coming along and running the half marathon but that is a small possibility.

While I was being all bummed out about going up solo, I remembered what happened all the other times I went to marathons alone. In 2006, I was suppose to go with Jeff to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon and he bailed on me a week or so before. I ended up running a 3:55. In 2007, Paul was suppose to go with me to Grand Rapids and he could not make it. I ended up running a 3:43. Hmmmmm. Maybe with no one coming, I will run . . . is it possible . . . could it be . . . better!?!? Well, at least that is what happened the last 2 times so let's hope the trend continues. Both of those days were very cool, just how I like it.

Now Ashland, WI is way up north and they do not have all the hotels (especially big ones) like in most parts of the country. They are usually booked a lot in the summer with tourists and outdoorsmen and in November, they are booked with Deer hunters but I would assume not much at others times, except for the Whistle Stop Marathon. So I got a reservation in Ashland at a Best Western for $170 a night. Holy Crap! That is way too much for a little town like Ashland. But then when I called back to see if they had smaller rooms, they then informed me that there is 2 night minimum. No Way! So I checked on the net and I can get a room in Ironwood, MI, about a 45 minute drive away for about $100 a night without a 2 night minimum. So I think tonight I will call up there and reserve a room there. I really don't feel like spending $350 for a hotel.

So I am not sure if I am going solo or with a friend up there yet or not. We will see next week.

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Mark said...

Wow...that's highway robbery! Hope it all works out for you.