Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Bum!!!

I am only 2 weeks out from my next marathon and I have started my taper. So what do i do for a great run over the weekend? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing!

I woke up early Saturday morning to go on a 13 mile easy run but I was tired from the night before and still trying to get over this cold I got so I ended up laying back down and going back to sleep. I did do some form of exercise later that morning and afternoon though. I loaded 44 rolls of sod into my van (2 trips) and unloaded them at home. Then tool them in a wheelbarrow to the back yard and unrolled them in the dirt patch I have had since I moved in. I now have some nice looking grass there. I also now have soar hamstrings? Why the hamstrings? I have no idea but the are tight and sore. I will run and try to loosen them up on Monday.

I didn't even run today (Sunday) either. What a Bum!

For those of you heading to the upper Midwest for marathons this coming few weeks (Chicago? Lakefront? Twin Cities?), the weather is going to cool down starting tomorrow. Instead of highs in the 70's like we have had for a few weeks now, it will be a high of the mid 50's the next few days. I hope this will stay, at least though all the marathons. I know some of you are wishing and praying for cool temps and that will definitely help us all out.

I did get to go to a nice game on Friday evening. I was given some tickets to go see the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Philadelphia Phillies at Miller Park. They were the best seats I have even had. 4th Row in the Diamond Box section which means I was in the 4th row from the field just behind the Phillies On Deck Circle. That was really cool being that close and seeing he players up close. Good News, The Brewers won the game. Bad News, still no foul balls.


Melanie said...

Sometimes it's better to take some time off! And I'm stoked about the weather up there... I'm hoping it stays nice and cool!

Mark said...

I consider yardwork as crosstraining, so you're no bum! Hope the hammy loosens up!