Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Recovery Run, A Wet Recovery Run

I went on a 5 mile recovery run today after work. I went at a pace that was whet ever my legs felt like going. Ends up they felt like going 8:41 pace. The nice thing about today's run is that 1 mile into it, it started to drizzle. By 2 miles it was raining and by the time I turned around, it was close to a hard rain. By mile 4, it was over but I was already soaked. The temperature of the rain wasn't cold and it wasn't hot. I was soaking wet yet I did not feel cold. I really like to run in the rain and I often wonder what people must think when they see me running while in their cars (more so when it is snowing though).

I am feeling pretty good so far. I took 2 days off after the 26 mile training run and now will take it somewhat easy this week. I think I will do a 13 or so miler this weekend and maybe a tempo run later this week.

My biggest concern right now is something that I think a lot of you are either dealing with or fear having. I am coming down with something. Right now it feels like a cold. Sore throat and phlegm, some coughing but not too bad. No sniffles yet but they may come. Ever since I have had children, my illnesses have gone from all the time and intense to not often at all and not intense at all. The immunity is getting stronger and stronger. That is what I am hoping for, a nice short cold that will be gone soon with little side effect. We shall see. I remember 2 weeks before my first marathon coming down with a big cold. I am pretty sure it affected me during the race but you play the cards you are dealt.

Being healthy or not so healthy on race day is very much like the weather on race day. They is not much you can do about it and you will have to deal with whatever comes along. Hopefully you all are feeling good and I hope it stays that way all the way to race day.

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Melanie said...

Get some sleep, shave some miles and drink lots of OJ!