Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lake Geneva Shoreline Path

I woke up this morning and was going to do a 13 mile run. But after I got up, I just didn't feel like running. So I didn't. I do feel guilty about this but the long walk in lake Geneva makes up for it some.

We arrived in Lake Geneva at about 9:30 or so and started our walk along the Shoreline Path a little before 10. This path goes along the entire shore of Lake Geneva through every one's backyards that live on the lake including all the mansions. It was a very nice walk and almost all the time was on a path that was well maintained. Sometimes it was paved, sometimes cobblestone, other times dirt or grass.

We had cool weather up here today. It felt like late Autumn actually. Upper 50's to lower 60's, cloudy and windy but at least the wind was not crossing the lake toward us so it wasn't too windy on our walk.

The homes on the path are amazing and very well maintained. Beautiful landscapes wonderful views of the lake. Lots of "No Trespassing" signs making sure you remembered to stay on the path. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to walk the 7 or 8 miles from lake Geneva to Williams Bay and enjoyed most of it. I brought along the camera to share some of the homes and some of the path.

This house was actually only slightly nicer than most on the lake. Beautiful yard right up to the lake.
Another beautiful home with an awesome looking deck.

This home was very nice as well but if you look to the left of the picture, they were setting up for what looked like an outdoor (inside the tent) wedding. They definitely would have needed the tent with today's weather.

I believe this mansion is the Wrigley Mansion, first owned by the Wrigley family from Chicago. The same family that owns the Chicago Cubs and the Gum company.

Another very huge mansion along the lake.

Some landscape designs along the lake and visible from the path were really cool.

Here is part of the path, a part that was paved. You can see that we are just along the lake with many boat slips nice landscaping.

Sometimes along the path you had to cross little bridges, some nicer than others.

And sometimes the path is just dirt, grass, or gravel.


Mark said...

Great pictures! Man, unbelievable homes! Wonder what their heating bills are!

Melanie said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures!

Pamela S. Meyers said...

Hi, I was raised in Lake Geneva, and the mansion you thought once belonged to the Wrigley family is not a Wrigley mansion. I believe the current owner is George Getz. The Wrigley properties were further to the east near the town of Lake Geneva. The house you stated was setting up a tent for a wedding is called the Little House in the Woods. I'm not certain of the current owner's names, but it was built around 1900 under a circus tent so construction could go on all winter. The man wanted to give it to his wife as a present.

Just a few tidbits of information :-)