Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kids Love To Have Fun

I did a morning run again on Thursday. I felt sluggish again and just didn't feel like fighting it so I did my 5 miles @ 8:42 pace. I got it done early so I could take 2 of the 3 princesses with me up to Door County. That is where I am writing this post from. Actually I am at my campsite in the Pop-up since the campground has Wi-Fi. I did take some pictures while I was up here to show you all the beauty of Door County and I will post them soon. I just hope they can show the real beauty but I suppose that is the case with all places.

Thursday I drove the Melissa (7 1/2) and Megan (5) first up to Green Bay. This is almost on the way. We stopped at Bay Beach Amusement Park. This is a great little park with cheap rides for kids and teenagers. I think it was listed in the top 10 of some list of cheap family amusement places. It was drizzling a little but not enough to stop us from doing the Ferris wheel, small train and bumper cars and having them ride the Merry-Go-Round, Scrambler, spinning swings and various small rides for the little ones. Each ride is only 25 or 50 cents each. Like I said, a great place for little kids.

After about 2 hours, we left for the 1 hour ride to Door County. We got there, set up camp and then the rains came. Good time for a short nap. After the rain stopped, a short ride to Wilson's for dinner and Ice Cream (of Course), a trip to the indoor pool and a small campfire and off to bed.

Friday was a gorgeous day so I took them biking in Peninsula State Park. We did about 10 miles or so and them took in some sights from the tower and the bluff lookouts. We even saw a bald eagle on a perch looking over the water. I wish I had my camera, it was beautiful. Another trip to Wilson's for more Ice Cream (can you tell I like this place) and then a short swim in the lake. The water was not too cold but not warm either. We then hooked up with my parents at the hotel they were at and the kids went swimming for 3 hours. I think they like to swim. Melissa can now even swim on her own finally. She need practice of course but she will jump into the deep end, pop up and swim to the edge. Dinner with my family and the some Wii as my brother took it up. Melissa is actually a good bowler for never trying it before. Just the weirdest approach you have ever seen though with a front leg kick at then end.

Long run in the morning so I will post that in a different post.

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