Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Few Short Runs and Time to Leave

I have had 2 more runs now since the last appointment to adjust my ankle. Yesterday was an easy 5 miler on the track at the high school near my house. I took my oldest princess along and she ran a few laps as I ran my 5 miles. I ran at an average of 8:28 while she ran a total of 4 laps. She was able to mark off another mile on her log sheet for the Kid's Marathon though.

This morning, I woke up early and was running on the track once again at 6:00AM. I was feeling quite sluggish and I didn't fight it. I just went easy and didn't feel particularly well. I ended up running 6 miles at an average of 8:48. I was surprised it was actually that fast.

Tomorrow will be another easy 5 on the track in the morning before I leave with 2 of the princesses to Door County. I am really looking forward to my 20+ miler on Saturday morning. My plan is to end it by jumping into the lake to cool off. I hope the water isn't too cold.

You may be wondering why I run on the track so often instead of going on a route. Well, when I was with my daughter, it was because the track is fenced in and I can watch her closely to make sure she is safe. In the mornings I run there right after I wake up. Usually on a long run, I will wake up early and sit around for an hour or so to let my body wake up and "let nature takes it's course" In the mornings before work, I don't have that much time so the track offers a nice portolet that is nice and easy to use quickly. Laps are not all that bad to run. I usually change lanes every lap to keep it a little more interesting and helps me keep track of the number of laps I have run. So tomorrow I will run to the track and run 17 laps, 2 laps in each lane and 3 in lane 8, then a 1/4 mile run home and 5 miles will be done.

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Mark said...

Man it would be so nice to have a track nearby! Have a great time up in Door county!