Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double Day

Today is a planned double workout for me. Both will be easy 5 mile runs so I am half done. I woke up early this morning and did 5 miles on the track. It was an easy pace and a bit misty out and cool. Today the forecast calls for only a high of 60, frigid compared to the 90’s we had last week.

I also ran 5 miles yesterday after work but I decided to run it completely on the bike trail which is crushed limestone. I wanted a softer surface to give my ankle any bit of help I could. It was still sore on yesterday’s and today’s run so I am still concerned.

I plan on taking tomorrow off so maybe that will give the ankle the rest it needs. The plan for Friday is an easy 10 miler with Paul. I think I will suggest another limestone path. Then on Saturday the 4th, I will run the Waterford 5K. I know 10 miles isn’t the best thing to do the day before a 5K but I am not too concerned with my time. The goal again will be to break 20. The course is almost completely flat so times can be good. In the past I have won age group awards and they go 5 deep to maybe again this year, maybe not. I will also plan on doing a 2 mile warm up and the 5 after the race to make it an even 10 for the day. This would give me 43 for the week, slightly more than last week and within an acceptable increase percentage.

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Mark said...

Wow!!! That is some running, Bill! Hope the ankle gets better. If you ran down here you'd be close to the top every race.