Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is Between an Easy Run and a Tempo Run?

My ankle still seems to be giving me some problems. It seems to be quite sore when I start and then after about 12 mile, it goes mostly (not completely) away. Then on and off during the day it is sore and not sore. I wish I knew what it was but I can still run so that is a positive.

Monday was 8 miles at 8:29 pace before Volleyball. I felt good and the pace was almost completely even the entire way. Then we ended up only winning 1 of 3 games at V-Ball. Should have won 2 but oh well, it was still fun.

Yesterday was a nice 5 miler with Mike. We ran not a Tempo but not an easy run either, well, at least for me, for Mike it was an easy run. First 3 miles we at an average of 8:13 then mile 4 was a 7:50. The last mile we picked it up and with a nice finish, we ended that mile at 6:54. That felt really good. As usual, we stopped a the the platform scale to weigh ourselves. I keep telling people I want to lose about 15 pounds to get that marathon time down and I always get the same look and responses. The ole why do you need to lose weight or where do you plan on losing it from. I am 6' 2" tall so I guess I can weigh more because I am tall, but I still want to be lighter. Right now I am going at 182. My goal would be to get to 170. I am the same height as I was in college when I was weighing 160 and running great. Just want to get those last few off now.

I do use the weight thing as an excuse (jokingly) as to why I run slower that some of the guys I run with. I say stuff like my weight/pace per mile is as fast as them. Hey, it sounds good!

Today is a planned 5 miler while the oldest is at Gymnastics. I hope the ankle is not an issue but I will see.

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Mark said...

Hope the ankle heals up. Sounds like some good running!