Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Month, New Injury?

I am having a really good month of running this June so what better way to ruin it that worry about a possible new issue with my body. I ran 8 miles today before my volleyball match. I did it at a good pace of an average of 8:25. But now I am experiencing some new pain. Well, actually I have felt it for about a month but today it was its worse. It is my right ankle. Over the last month, it sort of felt like I has twisted or sprained it and it is now recovering type feeling. I feel it when I start running and it goes away and then I feel it after I am done. At first I contributed this to my old running shoes. I thought that after a new pair of non worn out shoes would do the trick and at first I thought it worked, but after this weekends 17 miler it felt sore again. Then today it was sore the entire 8 miles. It didn't help playing sand volleyball afterwards but I had to play for the team. I am hoping this is temporary and will go away real soon as I want to still increase my mileage to close to 50 miles per week but I am beginning to worry about this. I am due for a physical so maybe I will make an appointment and have this checked out as well. I have an ice pack on it now so maybe that will help. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV so I think I will leave this one up to the experts.

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Mark said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope it improves. At least your still able to run. What marathon are you aiming for?