Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling Motivated

I finally got the wireless Internet stuff figured out. Turns out it was the power cord was the issue and you just can't purchase the right kind of connector anywhere, at least where I tried to find them. I ended up having a friend Jerry-rigged my old power cord connector with the correct voltage power supply and now I am back in business. I had gone to Best Buy to try to find the correct power cord, but they said they don't sell just the cord but rather I would have to purchase the entire modem/router system as a whole and it was for $99. I am glad I did it this way.

To update you all on my runs, I had a few really good ones. Saturday I ran with Paul from his house. We did 15.5 miles in and out and back. After the turn around, I picked up the pace and ran the last 5 miles no slower than 8:10 per mile. I averaged 8:23 for the entire run and felt really good.

I then ran 7 miles this evening at dusk. It was about 60 to 65F out and I again did an out and back on a straight bike trail. Again I felt good and finished at an average of 8:08. The bugs were out so I had quite a few hitting me in the face and with all the seat, they seem to stick. Only one made it into my eye and I was able to get it out somewhat quickly. The nice thing on this run as well as the run on Saturday morning was that I saw 2 deer on each run. I wonder what they are thinking when us runners go by. They just seem to stop and watch as we go by.

I will have an update on the Kid's Marathon soon. Things are looking really good as far as number of participants. I have even done a few shot runs with my princess to start her out. She keeps begging me to take her out and do a lap around the block. It is 0.6 miles around and if I keep her slow enough at the start, she will go the whole way without stopping. In fact, I put on the garmin for one lap and she ran at a 9:00/mile pace for the 0.6 miles. So far she is motivated like me and she had logged 2 miles so far and 1 book.

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Mark said...

You are putting up the mileage! That is awesome about your daughter and her desire to run.