Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Volleyball has Started

Yesterday was my first Volleyball match of the year. The first match was 2 weeks ago but I completely forgot about it and missed it. Last week was rained out as the courts were soggy piles of sand. But I made it yesterday and we played against some young kids (18 to 22ish) that have talent but don’t play well as a team. We won 2 out of 3.

After V-Ball, I went on my run like I have after or before V-Ball for years now. I went to a 7 mile run and kept a good 8:27 pace. It is a nice place to run as about 1 mile away is a river with a river walk that goes for about 1.5 miles. So I run to there and past there and then back. A nice sized steep hill with 1 mile to go tests the run as well. I felt good even though V-Ball showed me that I am old to move like that diving in the sand all over. We still have fun.

Tonight is the first big final event planning meeting for the Kid’s Marathon. We will be finalizing the color of the shirt, what will be on it, and where the sponsors will be located. We will go over the budget and start planning everything we need for the final day. We will also start a list as to where we need volunteers and how many. I still have a few late registrations coming in so hopefully that finishes or they just won’t get a shirt. Latest count on entrants is just under 150 kids! I can’t wait for the final day as it is going to be very exciting for the kids and for all of us volunteering to see them finish! The date of the final mile is September 12 in the morning so I am praying for good weather. I am not exactly sure what we will do if the weather turns ugly. I suppose we will discuss that tonight. I also have a website started for information about the event. I will share that link with you soon and you can comment to me about what is good and not so good.

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Mark said...

V-ball! Sounds like a blast. Plus running right after a match, that will make you tough!
Looking forward to the Kids Marathon. I'd say rain or shine run it...that's what runners do.