Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Week in Review

It has been one heck of a week. Busy, Busty, Busy. Sorry for the lack of posts but other things have taken priority, I hope yu understand. OK, here is the week in review.

Tuesday was so busy, I was unable to get a run in.

Wednesday I bought a new car. OK, technically it is not new, but it is new to me. A 2005 Chrysler Sebring with 36,000 miles. The color is called Jade but it really is mostly silver with a touch of green color to it. It has replaced the Sentra that had over 167K miles. Now I have a CD player that works, heat, A/C, a driver window that does go back up, and a fan that doesn't only go on full. These were a few of the problems in the Sentra. I also got in a 7 mile run that evening along the New Berlin Trail at 8:38 pace. It is finally starting to get warmer here in Wisconsin.

Thursday was Hills. I went to the big Mountain Rd hill in Waterford for 5 reps up. It was very muggy and hot out. Maybe not as hot as in the Mid south but hot compared to what we have had recently. The hills went good but not great. It was a good workout.

Friday was swim class for Melissa. She has passed to level 4 and can almost swim all by herself. After class was a quick 5 miler. I decided to run at the track while the Relay for Life was going on. It was fun seeing all the walkers supporting a good cause. There fervor didn't last long though and in my last mile, it began to rain and then pour when I finished. I was soaked and so were they. It rained for the next few hours and we even had storms last night so there was not much walking going on I assume. I ended up going 5 miles at 8:20 pace. I felt good but had to wake up early for a long on Saturday.

Saturday (today) had a long run planned. I wanted to go 15 or 16. I left home at 5:30 and it was very humid out from last nights rain. The roads were wet then entire run even with the sun shining and no clouds. Almost all the walkers were gone as I passed the track and no music playing. I started out OK but after 4 miles, the humidity got to me and my pace slowed to the low to mid 9:00's for the next 7 miles. I didn't feel too motivated today and even changed the run to a 13.2 miler halfway through. At mile 11, my average pace was 9:11 and I was at the highest point of the run. I had a nice hill down and after a Gu 2 miles earlier, I finally felt OK. I cruised that mile in 8:11 and was now determined to get the average pace under 9:00. I do not know off hand what mile 13 was, but it must have been good as I finished at an average of 8:58.

Now I am at work for a few hours catching up and getting ahead as I am off on Monday at a Charity Golf Outing. It is one of two times I play all year anymore. I really like to play golf but running has taken the time priority. This outing is up to $135 but it is for a good cause and I have played in it for over 10 years now.

I am sending a "Good Luck" out to Melanie as she leaves for the UK and will be running a race in London on July 4th. How cool is that!!! Have a great vacation.

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Mark said...

Great running week, Bill! I know what you mean about golf. I love to play but I can't do it all.