Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wireless Went Out

It has been a pretty rough day today and a very busy week. I am not going to get into it but it is days like this I wish would not happen.

I have been keeping up on my running and have had a couple good workout and I am staying motivated. After work Monday, I went on a 7 mile run. I am trying to increase my mileage and I want to have a midweek longer run so 7 seemed good to me. It was windy but I maintained an 8:25 pace so all was good.

I took Tuesday off and went to see a movie and dinner. The Theater has tables so you can eat while watching the movie so that was fun. I saw "Night at the Museum 2". I liked it, maybe a bit more than #1. Not worth the $10 to get it, but a funny movie none-the-less.

Yesterday was a good 5 mile Tempo run. I was able to squeak it to 7:30 pace and it felt good. I have yet another day off today though.

I took Melissa on her first run for the Kid's Marathon. We ran 0.6 miles non stop so I was proud of her for not stopping. We are going to work on pacing over the next few weeks as kids her age don't understand that you can't go all out to start and still run later. I have been very busy with the Kid's Marathon recently as well. The sign up deadline is coming up and I am trying to create a website for information to be given. I may just create a blog site like this one for the info. I want to have on their map, updates, sponsors, upcoming events, etc. Then after the final race, I plan on posting a lot of pictures. I will let you all know when I have it done so you can check it out and give me feedback if you so choose.

I was going to start this yesterday at home but my wireless box went out. I don't know what the issue is but I think it has to do with the power cord or power connection to the box. I am going to bring it into work tomorrow and have some of our Electronic Tech look at it. I use AT&T DSL at home which has been good so far, but is no good without a good box. I hope to have it fixed soon so I can keep up with my posts and blog reading.

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Mark said...

You are running some great pace speeds!