Monday, August 24, 2009

The World Track & Field Championships

The Track & Field World Championships is over and it was an exciting meet to watch. Did you get a chance to see any of it. Quite a few great stories and a few odd ones as well. I am not going to comment much on the field events. It is not that I don't like the field events, it is just that I prefer watching the running events.

1. Usain Bolt is A M A Z I N G ! ! ! This guy not only breaks 2 world records, he annihilated them. He has got the considered the best sprinter of all time, no questions asked. In the final of the 100, Tyson Gay ran the 3rd fastest time ever run but was way behind. Now the story out there, of course, is the question to if he is "clean" or not. I hope he is clean. It would be a real shame and a bruise on the sport if he isn't. I think he is clean though. He has been breaking age group world records since he was 15 or 16.

2. The women's 800 produced the most controversy of the meet. Caster Semenya won the event by crushing the field in the final 150 meters. Very impressive! But word now is that 'she' may be a 'he'. To tell you the truth, she does look a lot like a dude, but then again, so did Maria Motula (sp?) who dominated the women's 800 for the past 10 years or so. I am not saying she is a guy, I am not a doctor, but she has many features that guys have that most women do not. My guess is (and it is only a guess from someone with no medical background) that she was born a woman, has all the features of a woman, but somehow has male features within her body that make her look the way she is and gives her extra strength. She is only 18 y/o but a very great athlete.

3. The men's 5000 was great. It was awesome to see both Matt Tegencamp AND Chris Solinsky make it to the finals. These are 2 guys who ran for the U of Wisconsin and Solinsky even ran high school in WI. They didn't place as well as they wanted to, but none-the-less, ran great races. Bernard Lagat took the silver for the US here. A little redemption after he was boxed in good in the 1500 final.

4. The men's 800 final was exciting as well. Nick Symmonds made the finals and it is exciting to watch him. He is a former D3 runner, this means no scholarships so that makes me like him a bit more. He is also exciting to watch as he has a great kick at the end of races. In the final here, he battled near the front and there was lots of pushing and bumping (who ever said running was a non-contact sport?!?!). He was able to come off the final turn with 100 meters to go in 2nd place but must have used to much energy in the 'battle' for position and faded to 6th. I am sure he learn a lot and will use that in future races.

5. I was pushing for Kara Goucher to run great in the marathon but she faded as well toward the end and took 10th (I think). I have not heard from her what happened.

6. The Women's 1500 final had some controversy as well. With 200 meters to go, the leader was tripped and pushed falling to the track while another lady was trying to pass on the inside. Turns out she was disqualified allowing one of the American women to take the bronze. Lots of pushing and shoving in the World Championships.

7. USA Men's 4X100 relay. Once again, the US found a new and inventive way to be disqualified in the prelims. This time they passed the baton too early. I have never heard of another team ever doing this. The US needs major work to get these 'silly' errors figured out. Hey, maybe practice a little more with each other. They had not chance at beating Jamaica though. They ran the second fastest time in history for the gold. Usain Bolt's 3rd Gold of course.

8. In both the men's and women's 4X400 relays, it wasn't even close. Allyson Felix was the second runner for the US and she destroyed the field and it was all but over by then. Same with Jeremy Warner for the Men.

All in all, I really enjoyed watching the Championships. There were a lot more great races to watch and I hope you got to see them. I really do love watching Track & Field.

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Mark said...

I only got to see the womans marathon. Amazing running!