Monday, August 24, 2009

Around Lake Geneva

The Lake Geneva Marathon runs completely around Lake Geneva so Chris decided to run around the lake for a training run. This is Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, of course, not Switzerland.

We met at a little after 6AM in front of the library and it was a beautiful morning. Sunny and cool. Lower 60’s with low humidity. We take off at an easy pace and Chris reminds me that whatever pace I want to go it the pace we will run. Chris is a faster runner but likes long slow days as well. He is training to break 3 hours in this October’s Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee.

In the first mile we climb up 100 feet and then right back down in mile 2 before climbing again. This will be the theme of the run, especially in the second half. We started slow at about 9:15 pace but after 5 we pick it up to under 9:00’s. We reach the town of Fontana at about 10 miles feeling good and having lots of good conversation along the way. We stop so Chris can buy a Gatorade at a Gas Station for about 4 minutes before starting again. After leaving Fontana, we experience the biggest of the hills with a few steep inclines and declines going up and down to the town of Williams Bay. From out top elevation to the lake is a little over 200 feet but we do that many times during the run.

These towns on the lake, Lake Geneva, Fontana, and Williams Bay as very nice towns, and when I say nice, I mean there is lots of $$ there. Lake Geneva in the early to mid 1900’s was the getaway location for the rich of Chicago. Trains used to take them here for weekend getaways as it is fairly close. Lot’s of mansions including the Wrigley Estate owned by the Owners of the Chicago Cubs and Gum producer.

One interesting thing about Lake Geneva is that the public has a right to the entire shoreline and there is even a trail around the entire lake. You can walk right trough these mansions back yards though you are required to stay on the path. I have not done this yet but plan to walk the entire lake someday in sections.

Chris and I leave Williams Bay and are past 15 miles now and hit the busy road of Hwy 50 for 2 miles. We get to Snake Road, which by its name, winds a lot and but also has some good hills on it. Chris takes off and does the last 3+ miles at about 7 pace and I just keep up the pace we have been running. I end up finishing the 20.63 miles at a pace of close to 9:09, right at 4 hour marathon pace. I was even able to pick it up the final mile, though it was mostly downhill, so that helped.

Chris had to meet someone close by so he took off and I bought myself a big Chocolate Milk and heard the lake calling my name. So I decided to walk into the lake and cool off the legs. The water was cool but not cold and helped the legs recover a little faster. I know some of you take ice baths after long runs and I know this helps so I thought a walk in the lake would help, and it did. Some of the people in the tourist pleasure cruise boats were looking at me like I was nuts, it was only in the mid 60’s by this time so I am sure they felt it was cold but it felt so good to me. If I were them, I would most likely feel the same. “What is that crazy guy walking in the lake for in his shorts and tshirt carrying a bottle of Chocolate Milk for?”

It was a good run!

Did any of you watch any of the Track and Field World Championships this last week? I did and in my next post, I will try to share some of my thoughts on it.

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Mark said...

Great run!! I wish I could get a 20 miler like that! When I ran Grandmas at the end of the race everyone wadded into lake Superior. That cool water really helps recovery!