Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keep on Going

OK, I know I haven't been keeping up on my blog posts as much as in the past. I think this has everything to do with that it is summer and there are just more things to do. That being said, I wanted to keep you devoted readers up to date on me and the running and all the other stuff. All 2, 3, or 4 of you. OK, maybe more, but not too many.

As I wrote last time, I had a great run on Monday that I called a Slump Buster. Never fear, the slump is far in the rear view mirror so far and not catching up. I did runs a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (today) and all felt pretty good. Tuesday was a 7 miler at an average of 8:35. I wasn't trying to go fast, just an easy pace. It was also very humid up here so I did not want to push it. I rarely run without my shirt on but I certainly have the past 3 days. Lots of gross sweat.

Wednesday was 6 miles at 8:39 pace and today was 5 miles at 8:30 pace. So I am at 27 miles for the week so far and with Saturday's run of 23 still planned, I will hit 50 for the week. This is a total I very rarely hit. Even in college I was in the low to mid 40's most of the time. But I was a middle distance runner as well.

I am still not sure who (if anyone) will be joining me on Saturday. Chaz has bailed and I have not heard from Mike yet. If he runs, he would only run the last 12 or 13 with me as he is still getting over the knee problem he has. Paul is out too, sore leg. Oh well, I have run by myself often so no biggie there. The weather is calling for sunny and 65 at 6:00AM and sunny and 75 by 9:00AM. I think I will start around 5:30 to 6:00 and hope to be done in 3:15 to 3:30. I would love an under 9:00 average but the massive hills near the end might have other ideas. I will try and do my best anyways. This is a good training run in temps that hotter that I like to race in. (I love a cold marathon, 40 at the start and maybe 45 by the end).

As I sit here typing, I am letting the old Garmin run out of juice. It is almost like the battery has a memory, does anyone else have this problem? I want it totally out before I recharge. I don't want it to go out during the run.

By the way, I took Melissa, my oldest princess out for 1 mile today. She is up to 13 1/2 miles so far with under 1 month before the final mile of the Kid's Marathon. We have fun on the runs, they don't take too long but we talk and comment on what we see.

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Mark said...

Awesome time with your daughter. Sounds like things are really clicking, great times on your runs!