Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am writing this as I watch the movie "Elf". This is one hilarious movie and has taken over as my favorite Christmas movie. Just moved ahead of "A Christmas Story" with Ralphie another classic. So forgive me if I stray off course during this as I am looking over the monitor and watching. Buddy is about the meet Jovie for the first time.

I hope all of your Thanksgivings were good. I, for one, ate too much once again. I read that the best way to handle all the extra food you may have eaten is to go on a long slow run the next day. Did I do this on Friday? Nope, I slept in some and worked around the house. I was not one of those who was up at 4AM getting the best bargains around though I do know some people who have. Not much thrilled me in the ads. Instead it was Christmas Light Decoration day. I was on the roof and up 24 foot ladders putting up the lights. I didn't fall off the roof or the ladder so that was a plus. The ladder did fall over once though and put a nice gouge into the siding on my chimney. I wasn't happy about that especially when I went over to my neighbors house to tell him I bent his ladder I borrowed. We did fix it though. That made me happy as I thought for awhile I would have to buy him a new $250 ladder. I put up some more lights today but I can always put up more as I love Christmas lights. I will see if I can get a good picture sometime and post it.

This morning I woke up early as I was planning on 18 at Pettit. The plan was to run at 2:23 per lap for all 65 laps without a break. All did not go exactly according to plan. For the first 10 miles, I was averaging around 2:27 per lap but none at 2:30 or higher. Pettit has a restroom to use every 0.27 miles which was good at mile 10. This messed up my plan to go all 18 without a break. I got back out there as dropped the laps to about 2:23/24 and went the last 8 miles without another break. All in all an OK run and no laps were 2:30 or higher but I did have 1 break. My miles were all between 8:40 and 9:00 so that wasn't too far off goal. My arm was a bit sore during the run and not muscle soreness. That stayed most of the day but did go away a couple house ago so that is good. A nice good Papa Murphy pizza did the trick tonight.

Time to watch more Elf. Don't be a Cotton Headed Niggy Muggins!

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