Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

It has not been a good day for me so far today. Not horrible, but not good. Right now 2 of my "Princesses" are not being to royal by not napping good. They become little monsters with lack of sleep like most toddlers. Second, I pulled some muscles in my back again. I did this a few weeks back and they are sore again. Time to make that appointment for the Chiropractor again.

I just got done watching my Packers beat the Chicago Chipmunks yet again. So that is good news.

Anyways, to get to know me better, I thought I would list out all the marathons I have completed so far in my life, 13 and counting:

1. 1993 Fox Cities Marathon in Appleton, WI. This is still my PR of 3:40 and I did this right after college but did not train properly at all. I totally missed my opportunity at Boston here with the shape I was in after college.
2. 2004 Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, WI Bonked at the end, did not taper properly.
3. 2006 Disney Marathon, Orlando, FL
4. 2006 Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL Windy, Rainy but broke 4 hours
5. 2007 Disney Goofy Challenge, Orlando, FL Half Marathon on Saturday, Full Marathon on Sunday.
6. 2007 Trailbreaker Marathon, Waukesha, WI Ran this as a training run with Paul. Very hard run with trails and 600 ft elevation gain to half and then return to start. Best part was at the halfway point, we had to climb an observation tower and climb down to return. Worst part, No Medal, No Certificate, only 7 water stops.
7. 2007 Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL This was the hot one! 93 and humid. By half way, no one cared about times anymore, just merely finishing was the goal.
8. 2007 Grand Rapids Marathon, Grand Rapids, MI I loved this one. PR since the first marathon 14 years ago. 3:43 I recommend this one to everyone.
9. 2008 St. Louis Marathon, St. Louis, MO I was running a fever when I ran this one so after half way, all I wanted to do was finish and that is all I did. great road trip with Mike, Chaz and Paul though.
10. 2008 Madison Marathon, Madison, WI I thought I was in better shape than I was and went out too hard and suffered to the end.
11. 2008 Fox Cities Marathon, Appleton, WI Again not good, but oh well!
12. 2008 Twin Cities Marathon, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Pouring rain and wind from mile 3 to mile 16 but oddly fun. Beautiful course, probably more so with the sun out. Ran great through 21, then all fell apart.
13. 2008 Rails to Trails Marathon, Norwalk, WI This is on an old railroad bed and runs twice through a 3/4 mile tunnel which was pretty cool. 500 foot elevation gain from 13 to 21 did me in. Worst organized marathon I have ever done though. This was their first year in their defence.

More later!!!

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