Friday, November 21, 2008

Went to the Chiropractor today and had an adjustment. He gave me the OK to run tonight so I left from there to go to Pettit. I called Paul as he was going to meet me there sometime.

The plan was to run 15 miles (54 laps) and then take the weekend off. I started out right at 8:30 pace and it felt good. Again I was going to try to run the entire 15 miles without any 30 second walk breaks. Some speedskaters were finishing their workout on the ice and even some running a little on the track. I ended up talking to one of them that I caught up to. I think it was Shani Davis (not sure though), the speedskater that won multiple Olympic medals at the last Winter Olympics. Seemed like a nice guy the whole 1 minute I talked to him as we ran.

After 2 minutes of running, Paul showed up. He joined me the rest of the way. With 14 laps to go, my legs were getting pretty tired. but I broke the rest out into 2 different 7 lap milestones. & laps until the Half Marathon Point and 7 more until 15 miles. I used this as a good opportunity to try to keep up the pace even with being tired. I didn't slow and kept the pace and went through the half marathon close to 1:52. Paul and I finished the last 7 laps with a little pick up the last 2 laps and then left for home. It wasn't a great run nor was it a bad run for me. I am still working on the long run without breaks and this is the exact pace I am thinking of attempting at the Icebreaker in January.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, i know I will with no running and lots of rest.

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