Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jef fuh fuh Dun Ham

Happy Wednesday to you. Yesterday I did another quick 5 mile run on the hilly route I do often in the winter near where I work. Went pretty well for a somewhat easy run. Averaged 8:35 pace.

I got home and after the princesses went to bed, I popped in the new Jeff Dunham DVD. Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special. Jeff Dunham is a Ventriloquist Comedian and has about 5 characters he brings out. From Walter the old grumpy guy to Achmed the Dead Terrorist, to Bubba J the beer drinking Nascar watching Redneck, to Peanut a green haired purple monkey, to Jose Jalapeno on a Steeeek. The show was really funny and was recorded here in Milwaukee in July. JULY I SAID! I had 2 different friends that went to this show back in July so they have an entirely different perspective on the show. You can tell it is summer by what the audience is wearing. They were told to wear Christmas stuff as they knew is was being filmed for the Christmas Special but you can see plenty of people in shorts, something you don't see too often around Christmas in Milwaukee. Jeff Dunham throws out a lot of Politically Incorrect jokes but that made the show very funny. I recommend this to watch for a good laugh. I checked Comedy Central and it is playing again on 11/27 (Tomorrow) at 8PM and Friday 11/28 at 5PM. Not sure which time zone this is for, most likely eastern.

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us starting tomorrow. I wish everyone in Blog land a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. I most likely will not be running today or tomorrow but the days off will be nice. Hopefully a couple of longer runs on Friday and Saturday can happen. I can train hard up to just after Christmas then I will start my taper for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon. Not yet sure of my goal for that on yet. It is hovering between 3:45 and 4:00 right now. The race is on January 17th so plenty of training still to come.

Paul has challenged me to a very insane challenge in Texas for February. I will let you know more about this later.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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