Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Running :(

I did not get out for a run yesterday. I took one of the princesses with me to the chiropractor and let him twist me into a pretzel. I don't know if you have ever gone to a "Crackopractor" or not, but to me it is a bitter sweet experience. First I am put on electrodes to tire out my back muscles so the 'adjustment' goes better. Then I go into a room with a table to be "Cracked". The crack he dose in the middle of my back feels OK, not problems there. He also cracks my neck which feels very weird as it sort of seems like he is going to pop it right off my head. Then on the my lower back where I have been having my trouble. I lay on my back and he puts my knee over the other leg, he then puts my arms in some sort of a crossed formation. then while holding my knee in place, he exerts lots of quick pressure in the opposite direction with my back and hips which makes a firecracker sound with my back. It hurts quite a bit for a few seconds but the relief in pressure afterwards is wonderful.

The drive home was challenging as the road suddenly froze over wit black ice which is ice you cannot see and can make you into a wreck before you know it. I drove 15 MPH for 4 miles before the roads got any better.

I go again tomorrow!

No running today as well. I was suppose to run with Mike after work but a meeting went late and I had to pick up a different princess from school (We call Day Care School). My plan is to wake up before work and put in 5 miles before I leave. Then after the Chiropractic Appointment, another run, possibly a Tempo run at Pettit since I will be close by. I cannot run on Thursdays as my wife plays bells in the Church Bell Choir and has rehearsals on Thursdays.

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