Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

Today I have been chugging down Chocolate Milk like mad. i bought a gallon on the way home from my 15 miles yesterday and can't stop drinking it. It tastes so good! It is also a great recovery drink, though I am too late for that plus, again, I am drinking too much. Studies suggest that chocolate milk is as good as Endurox for recovery after a hard workout and much better than Gatorade due to the mix of proteins and sugars. I just know it tastes awesome. Too bad they don't have a lactose intolerant version for those who need that.

My legs are a bit tired today from last nights run but I feel good everywhere else.

Today, my Alma Mater UW-Oshkosh was running in the Division III National Cross Country Championships. It has been 16 years since I have run for the team but I still watch and support them. Turns out the finished in 9th place as a team, close to where my coach thought they wood. Way to go guys! Also, Willy Kaul from the team, finished 2nd overall. The 2nd time someone from UW-O finished in 2nd and the 11th time someone finished in the top 10 with 36 All Americans. Not too shabby!

Life with the princesses can be quite interesting. One minute my 6 y/o likes the Disney Princesses, the next she doesn't. Peer pressure from her friends at school. Peer pressure at age 6!!! Their teenage years will be way too much for me to handle. I already know more about Disney Princesses, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical than any grown man should.

Thanksgiving is not even here but I have to think Christmas as the entire extended family will be here on Christmas Day since this is our first year in the new house. Therefore I assemble the new Christmas Tree today since I had time. The ornaments are not up but I had to see how it would look. I bought it last year a few days after Christmas from Lowe's on discount. Regularly price at $250, I got it for $25. 90% off is not too bad. Looks pretty good too.

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