Monday, November 24, 2008


Today I woke up and looked out the window to see a fresh white blanket of snow had covered the neighborhood. While it looked very pretty, it did mean I had to get out the shovel quickly and clean the driveway before I left for work. Not a lot of snow but it was the heavy kind. I got a call during the day and was informed that when my 4 y/o princess woke up and looked outside, she said "Look, it is Christmas outside" How cute!

I did go on a run today despite the snow outside. Snow usually won't stop me from running outside. I try to keep the runs to 7 miles or less when snow is out as ice is harder to see, but I was only going 5 today. Living in Wisconsin, you get used to these things. I am sure people give me odd looks when I am out there. It was 33F today when I ran so, to me, that meant shorts. My legs don't get cold when running unless it is in the 20's or less. I have even run when it was snowing in shorts and I can only imagine what people say in their cars when the see that. Today was shorts, 2 short sleeve T-shirts, 1 long sleeve T-shirt, and a pair of short socks over my hands and I worked up a good sweat. I use these socks as keeping my fingers together keep them warmer that if I wore gloves.

I ran a route that has lots of hills and I like that to build up my ability to race on hills. No one joined me today so I was out there alone. No worries though. Running alone at times is nice. I get a lot of good thinking done during that time. I wrote the toast to my best friends wedding I was the best man at during a run.

Have a good day. Turkey Day is 3 days away!

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